The Secret to the Best Valentine’s Day

God has a Valentine’s message for you:

I love you. I love you. I love you.

The Secret to the Best Valentine's Day

In his grace, God reminds us again and again that his love is true, his love is real.

When I open the Bible, I don’t just find instructions for life or a history book, but I also discover a series of love letters. From Genesis to Revelation, God’s love expresses itself in countless ways, stories, and lives. God and his love are manifested in the person of Jesus and demonstrated through his life, death, resurrection, and promise of imminent return.

When God echoes I love you throughout the pages of Scripture, it’s not a slice of information, but a feast of transformation. We are invited to experience the fullness of God’s love in our life, heart, and spirit.

When I love you is alive in your heart, you become more free to love others. [Tweet this]

When I love you is alive in your mind, you become better at expressing that love. [Tweet this]

When I love you is alive in your life, you become a smidgen closer to being who God has called and created you to be. [Tweet this]

The Secret to the Best Valentine's Day

I love you is meant to resound in your heart not just on February 14th, but on every day throughout the year.

And when we open up Scripture, we are reminded again and again of God’s love for you and for me.

The Bible is God’s love letter to you—one penned over thousands of years by various authors all proclaiming the heartbeat of our awesome God. And you’re invited to be swept up in the love of God.

Whether  your Bible is sitting dusty on a shelf or don’t even own a copy, read it once per week or once a year, we want you to join us for the #LentChallenge—a time to dive into God’s word and discover his love for us all over again.

Our prayer is that during the 40 days leading up to Easter, you will:

  • Experience Scripture come alive in fresh ways
  • Hear His voice booming throughout each page
  • Awaken to the vastness of God’s love for you

Click here to download the Lent Challenge: 40-Day New Testament Reading Guide.

Will you crack open God’s love story with us beginning on March 5th?