1 Truth That God Loves

The journey to know the Organic God calls me out of a self-absorbed and self-reliant view of reality. God invites me into something more.

He invites me into his love. Not just his big, thick, strong-armed love, the kind that redeems the world, but into all of what God loves. Scriptually, some of those things are fairly obvious. Peace is good. Strife is bad. Purity is good. Adultery is bad. Truth is good. Liars, well, let’s just say they’re real bad.

Yet when it came to things that God loves, the list shrinks tremendously. A passing reference that God loves the sanctuary is found in Malachi 2:11, and of course he loves people. But in the entire New Testament, only one verse clearly and succinctly reveals what God really loves.

2 Corinthians 9:7 says, “God loves a cheerful giver.”

God's Invitation

God looks at the heart, and he searches for a happy one—a person who gives out of joy rather than out of guilt or fear or even mere obligation. [Tweet this]

-Margaret Feinberg, The Organic God


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