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Good on YOU!

My husband, Leif, picked up the phrase from his remarkable boss, and he’s been saying it a lot lately. So I share it with you today as an exhale of grace and blessing.

This week, a passage has been haunting me.

In Matthew 6:25, Jesus instructs, “Therefore I tell you, stop being anxious (perpetually uneasy, distracted) about your life” (AMP).

It’s not the same as “good on you!”

But when we’re surrounded by toxic newsfeeds, doomsdaying, and overwhelming needs, some days it’s hard to see the good at all.

Yet Gregory Dicklow, in his book Soul Cure, helped me see the “how to” hidden in this passage.

Jesus continues, “Look at the birds of the air” (v.26).

Through winged creatures, Jesus reveals God as provider and sustainer, but as Gregory Dicklow points out, “He wants us to see the beauty of creation.”

Jesus goes on, “See how the lilies and the wildflowers of the field grow” (v. 28).

Like the birds that don’t sow or reap or gather crops in barns for food, the wild vegetation does not work or spin for loveliness.

To become people who seek God and his kingdom (v. 33), it literally matters what we look and see.

This morning, in the wee hours, I tiptoed through our dark bedroom toward the coffeemaker downstairs. Nestled under a snuggly blanket, I waited for the first light to break through the day… to answer Jesus’ invitation to look and see.

Now the color palette always differs.

Royal violets. Soft pinks. Brisk orange. Waves of baby blue. Radiant shades of grey.

A faded sliver of moon whispers that light always pierces the darkness.

The sunrise winks of today’s new mercies.

Fallen leaves murmur that some things must die to yield vitality.

An empty branch broadcasts that even barrenness can breathe new life.

A sudden gust of wind gushes that sometimes God calls us to bend when we least want or expect.

Jesus calls us to “Look” and “See.”

To feed our souls beauty.

To remember the God who holds all things together holds us together, too.

So I dare you to take peek out the window, step outside, and tell me…

When you answer Jesus’ call to look and see, where do you see Creator whispering deep truths to you?

Always cheering you on to be more like Christ!

Much love,


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