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Father Reveal Your Wonder to MeSweet Friends,

Emails, facebook posts, and twitter messages continue to pour in. Brothers and sisters around the world are taking the plunge, praying for wonder, opening their eyes and hearts to God’s presence. I just wanted to drop in and share with you some of the testimonies I’ve received.

Because when you pray for wonder, God will answer. And the ways he responds may not be what you expect or anticipate, but will certainly leave you wonderstruck.

“Reading Wonderstruck early in the morning, just at daybreak, I put down the pages and ventured outside in my nightgown to catch the ‘rosy fingers of dawn.’  I was mesmerized by the vastness of the Texas sky, herons flying over, the rising of the sun and the spiritual awakening of my soul. I stood in awe of the Creator’s handiwork and the promises of what we will receive if we only ask.” –Joan Elliott

“My wife Cyndi & I were given a night away in Washington. While driving up to the lodge we started reading Wonderstruck and prayed the prayer at the end of the introduction to live a life wonderstruck. As we talked the next day, Cyndi noted a beautiful rainbow just outside the Lodge window. Because of the angle of the mist, it looked vertical like a giant exclamation point over the promises He has given us! We were both, in that moment, wonderstruck! On our way back home, we continued reading and I found your statement on page 26 to be another gift from God: ‘Now he didn’t appear of nowhere. Rather, in this holy exclamation point of a moment, God came into focus in such a way that we could not deny he’d been with us the whole time.’” –Jon Burgess

“I find Him, because He’s waiting to be found, if only I be still and wait. If only I put aside the lists, and listen. If only I open my ears, my eyes, my heart, and look- for wonder.” –Cory Anne

“This morning I was talking to my mom on the phone as we were both driving to work. She was so excited over the colors of the fall leaves. The oranges, browns, yellows and reds are incredible this year. She said, ‘God does such good work.’ A thought hit me and I said, ‘Only God can make even death such a beautiful thing to see.’” –Tammy Love

As always, I’m wildly grateful for all my fantastic partymob friends. Because of the lengths you’ve gone to shout-out about Wonderstruck people around the world are beginning to experience what it means to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK by God’s presence each day.

Today, I wanted to introduce you to a few:

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Now it’s your turn. Where has God wonderstruck you recently? Share your testimony in the comments below. Let’s rejoice and thank God together!

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