Margaret and Leif Oines

The void.

I always feel the void whenever my hubby, Leif, isn’t beside me in bed.

Maybe it’s my inner Leif-dar.

In my bones, I feel absence of deep comfort that comes whenever he is present.

Let’s be honest: when you’re married to someone who is 6 foot 8, it’s hard to not notice when he is missing.

Dusting the sleep from the corners of my eyes, I pressed my hand against the rustle of sheets.

No Leif.

Was he in the pool at an early morning practice with his Master’s Swim Team? Or launching extra early into work? 

And where was Hershey?

I made a snow angel in the bed. No furry nose emerged.

I scrolled through my inbox on my phone and read the following love note:

Hey Beautiful,

Hope you sleep well tonight. I prayed for you but decided to sleep upstairs after a couple poofs caused both Hershey and I to wake up. Love you and I’ll see you in the morning.

In His grip & for His glory,


Um. Wait. What did he mean by poof? Is a poof what I think a poof is?

Rut roh.

I crawled out of bed for Stumptown’s hairbender coffee. Leif greeted me in the kitchen with a long hug.

“Was I poofing?” I asked.

“It was nuclear,” Leif explained.

“After one particularly loud poof, Hershey decided he could no longer take sleeping beside you and came over to me. He wanted to come underneath the blanket, but I thought, No way I’m lifting up this blanket and letting what’s underneath here out. We both decided it was better to sleep upstairs.”

What did I eat to create jet propulsion? I wondered.

I had just started a new clean eating regimen which was high in protein and required six small meals a day. My diet included boiled egg whites, smoked salmon, cherries, apricots, protein shake, black beans, roasted Brussel sprouts, and skim milk.

All of that had percolated into the most powerful poofs ever.

But my favorite part was the loving way Leif let me know. It’s now one of my favorite love notes ever.

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