Have you ever been asked to share your story and wondered what to say?

Or maybe you’re the one in the audience listening.

Those insignificant details caused you to lose interest. Perhaps the person rambled. Lacked clarity. Never provided an aha moment.

Sharing our stories is scary. But it doesn’t have to be.

You can learn to tell your story in a way that captivates and compels.

And this matters. Why?

The Author of life is writing His story through you—yes, YOU!

And you were never meant to keep that story to yourself.

How do you share your story in a way that transforms and glorifies God?

1) Identify your aha Moments.

Reflect on your spiritual journey. Jot down a list of moments when you felt like you encountered God.

On the free download, you’ll list many before zeroing in on one.

2) Identify what God used to reveal himself to you.

Perhaps you encountered God through affliction, blessing, Scripture, community, retreat, or study, spiritual discipline.

3) Create a list of how you transformed.

With each aha moment, add a few bullet points of how your life shifted through the encounter. Perhaps you discovered a facet of God you never knew before. Comprehended new depths of a scriptural truth. A heavy weight lifted. An addiction released. Forgiveness set you free. You knew you were loved, accepted, valued.

This will become clearer on the free download.

4) Reflect on why the aha moments meant so much to you.

What question, doubt, fear, or uncertainty, did the Aha Moment resolve for you?

Consider your upbringing and past. What’s the root? A past hurt, disappointment, frustration, or unmet need.

Often when we encounter God in a meaningful way, we can trace the incident back to a bigger story of redemption God has been writing in and through you.

5) Write your story.

Begin with the root of the struggle, doubt, or fear from your past. Describe how God met you, what He used to get your attention, and how you were transformed.

Download the How to Tell Your Testimony: 5 Steps to Sharing Your Story in a Way that Captivates and Compels now.

Even if you haven’t been asked to stand up at church or share in your small group (yet), this is a great activity to practice and remember the faithfulness of God in your life.


The Word dwelled in the beginning.

Then the Word took up residence among us.

The Word lived out the syllables of God that one day the story of God might be displayed in us.

Download the How to Tell Your Testimony here.

I can’t wait to hear your testimonies. Please post below so we can all be encouraged, challenged, and blessed.

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