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Every year, I pray, “God, what do you want me to lay hold of through Lent?”

Those of you who have read the Wonderstruck book and 7-Session DVD Bible Study know how giving up long-winded prayers for 40 days transformed my communication with God. Those of you who dared read the entire Bible with me in 40 days, know the transformative power of rediscovering the grand story of God.

As I prayed this year, I sensed the urge to zero in on Luke and Acts. Many scholars believe dynamic duo of New Testament books were written by the same author, possibly even as a single unified work.

Throughout the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts, God’s joy is displayed in the life of Christ, his followers, and the start-up of the church.

Both volumes begin by addressing a man by the name of Theophilius, but without an author’s name in the text the writings remain anonymous. Scholars estimate these the book was written sometime between 70 C.E. and 90 C.E. and written to invite people to know Jesus as savior and discover the emergence of the magnificent church.

For me, I long to know, understand, and be transformed by and through both Jesus and the Church. That’s what I long to lay hold of through Lent this year.

I’m inviting YOU to join me.

Lent begins February 10 and ends March 26 this year.

Would you consider joining me in reading Luke and Acts during the 40 days of Lent to rediscover Jesus and the Church anew?

To open your hearts and minds to what Jesus wants to reveal to you?

To ask God, What do I least want to read but most need to hear?

Because we need Jesus and we need each other.

I’d love for you to join on this journey. We’re providing a FREE 40-Day Lent Reading Guide here.

Or if you prefer, we’ve developed downloadable eBook called The 40-Day Live Lent Challenge: A Color Method Study for Luke and Acts for only $8.99. This 100-plus page booklet includes: a welcome letter, the reading plan, instructions on how to use the Color Bible Study Method, ideas on how to get the most from your study, creative artwork, and space to journal and doodle.

Simply read along and then post your reflections, insights, questions, oohs and ahhs and more on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or old-fashioned chalkboard with the hashtag #LENTCHALLENGE.

We want to shout out about your discoveries and interact with you!

So if you’re in…go ahead and post your blog or social media handle as a comment below so we can find you as we lay hold of the fullness God has for us this Lent.