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How to Live a Better Story

Well-told stories capture the imagination, inspire the soul, awaken the spirit. Well-crafted stories can also cast a dark shadow, embed prejudices, invoke enmity. Like dynamite, a well-devised story requires careful handling, great attention to detail, accurate...

The Uncommon Cure for Anxiety and Fear

Did you know one of the most common prayer requests I receive circles around fear? Fear over job security. Fear over finances. Fear over broken marriages—or perpetual singleness. Fear over diagnosis. Fear over kiddos. We live in an anxiety-laden culture—fear lurks in...

The One Prayer You Need to Pray Today

On far too many days I read the Bible and don’t connect. It feels flat. Cold. Distant. The pages may contain timeless tales, but they feel boring. Flat. Stiff. They feel written endless miles away, in distant cultures, far off lands, a way of life I can’t relate to no...

3 Ideas to Entertain your Kids and Grandkids This Summer

Confession: I love being a Super-Aunt Mawwget to some beloved kiddos. On some of my favorite days, you’ll find me nestled up with my dear friend Jess’ snuggly little four-year-old. All the while Hershey looks on with disdain. So many of my friends are super mommas and...
How to Change One Life for Generations to Come

How to Change One Life for Generations to Come

I knew it was going to be dark, but nothing could have prepared me for this. This week, I traveled half-way around the world to better understand cultural slavery and the sex industry in Thailand. On the outside, Bangkok is a bustling city, but when the sun goes down,...

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