Write Brilliant

Confession: I love being a Super-Aunt Mawwget to some beloved kiddos. On some of my favorite days, you’ll find me nestled up with my dear friend Jess’ snuggly little four-year-old. All the while Hershey looks on with disdain.

So many of my friends are super mommas and poppas and super grandparents and super aunts and uncles who, when summer rolls around, need to find fresh and creative ways to entertain their kiddos.

1. Find the Freebies. Where’s the nearest splash pad park? What dates do the zoo, art museum, nature and science museum, and children’s museum have free admission? Are there parks with free concerts? Story and craft time at the local library?

Research one fun freebie you can participate in per week. Grab another mom, grandmomma, or super-aunt  friend and make it an adventure.

2. Create a water table for extra hot days. Grab a large bucket or storage bin, Tupperware, watering cans, cupcake tins, and paint brushes. Encourage your kiddos to make a restaurant or waterpark or paint a mural with the tools they’ve been given.

3. Start a family Bible study. Studying God’s Word doesn’t have to be reserved just for VBS or Sunday school. Start a weekly or daily Bible study with your little ones. You’ll be amazed at all they remember.

Join us for the Scouting the Divine: Summer Bible Study. This is ideal for the whole family. The DVD and workbook are laced with dozens of fun, hands on activities like honey tastings, visiting a petting zoo, and planting fresh spices. It provides a family-friendly way for you and your family to better understand the beauty and depth of Scripture.

Many Bible studies fill our minds with information. Scouting the Divine is designed to allow you to touch and taste, see and savor the vivid truth of Scripture so you experience transformation.

Click here to learn more about the Summer Bible Study. 

This can be the best summer ever as you dive into the Scripture with your whole family. 

Okay—Your turn. What are YOUR fresh, creative ways to entertain children over the summer months?