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My bestie Leif has been on a road trip visiting family and friends, and I’ve had a few days to myself to rest, relax, and practice some life-giving self-care.

To be honest, I’ve become run down and depleted. Maybe you have, too? …a.n.y.o.n.e.?

I’m becoming hyperaware of what I’m paying attention to…..and what brings joy.

Here are 9 ways to care for you…that I’m practicing now (and don’t take much time or $$$).

1. Stillness + Quiet. The days have overflowed with dishes, cleaning, daily tasks, so I’m pinching time simply be with God rather than be a human doer. Where can you pinch holy moments?

2. Fragrant shampoo + conditioner. I changed my hair care routine with a new bath set that makes me feel pampered. What can you change up to make you feel extra cared for? New perfume, soap, shampoo, or lotion?

3. Delicious teas. Throughout the day, I’m rotating between a caffeine free mint or chamomile that whispers, “Life is snuggly in the fall.”

4. Sunrises. Going to bed early is a toughy for me, but the joyous bright beams in the early hours make it all worth it. Which will leave you more wonderstruck–the sunrise or sunset?

5. Books that bring healing. I’ve been diving into books on trauma and grief that are nudging my soul to wholeness and peace.

6. Long walks with life-giving friends. Crunching leaves, vulnerable discussion, the sheer delight of creation… um, yes, please.

7. Nurturing music. Instrumental, gentle praise, or a 10-second dance party all provide a soul lift.

8. Puppy play. Those little furry companions force our focus outside ourselves, perhaps make us take walks, and remind us what is soft and gentle in this world. And who doesn’t need some unconditional love right now?

9. Daily declarations. Some people write a book and put it behind them. I never expected that when I wrote More Power to You: Break Free from Fear and Take Your Life Back, I’d be building my own lifeboat. Yet as I read the devotions and say the Daily Declarations each day aloud, my mind continues to renew, and my self-talk is becoming more gentle, compassionate, and loving.

I’m suspicious Jesus is transforming me from the inside out…and it’s so good. I know he wants do do the same for you.

Maybe you need to say these declarations too, and practice more compassionate self-talk so you’re more compassionate in this season, too. Because, friends, it’s rough out there.

Take care of yourself this week. We need every person of faith rising up with grace, compassion, patience, and love. And if you love yourself well, you’ll be able–through Christ–to love others well, too.

All my love,


P.S. Let me know what you’re doing to care for yourself in this wild season.

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