Are you Spiritually Asleep? (Plus What in the World is Wonderstruck Wednesday?)

As Wonderstruck hit the shelves, we invited you to join us as we spent 21 days praying for wonder and living wide awake to the way God chose to respond. The 21 Days of Wonder left people awestruck by how God reveals himself—God is truly busting at the seams to display his power, love, and might in our lives. [Tweet this]

Each Wednesday, we’re challenging you to find the wonder in your life— those moments of spiritual awakening that spark our curiosity to know God more. [Tweet this] We’re praying that each week you cup your hands in prayer and scrunch your face against the vault of heaven in childlike expectation. As you pray for wonder, may you be wonderstruck.

But if I’m honest with you, despite the breathtaking and transformative moments of God that I’ve experienced, all too often I live in a spiritual deep sleep, missing the moment.

Are you Spiritually Asleep? (Plus What in the World is Wonderstruck Wednesday?)

I succumb to spiritual weariness rather than remaining alert to the wondrous displays that reveal more of God. [Tweet this]

In those moments, the burning bushes in my life are reduced to smoldering distractions. The still small voice becomes something I absentmindedly shush.

What stands in the way between you and experiencing more of the wonder of God? [Tweet this]

Mentally check-mark any of the following:

___Becoming more task-oriented than God-oriented

___Expecting God only to reveal Himself in ways that are comfortable or familiar to you

___Sectioning off areas of your life where you don’t expect God to reveal Himself at all

___Hearing the sacred echo of God’s voice and refusing to respond

___Asking what can I get out of this rather than what can I give into this

___Skipping prayer altogether

___Rushing through Scripture reading

___Unplugging from Christ-centered community

___Giving up on the idea that God can do the miraculous

___Believing God can work miracles in other people’s lives, just not yours

___Saying “No” to God

___Harboring anger at God and refusing to talk honestly to Him about it

___Choosing habitual sin rather than pining for freedom in Christ

___Living without a sense of divine expectation

___Convincing yourself that some things are impossible—even for God


The truth is that no matter how far you feel away from God, He is passionately pursuing you. God desires that NOTHING stand in between you and your relationship with Him. [Tweet this]

Spend some time asking God to remove everything that’s holding you back from experiencing the wonder of God.

Wonderstruck Wednesday Challenge: Commit to ruthlessly eliminating one of the things that holds you back from experiencing the wonder of God. Post on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram what it is you’re letting go of and ask others to hold you accountable.

(If you missed the 21 Days of Wonder, it’s not too late to start—check out all of the challenges, here.)

What holds you back from experiencing the wonder of God?