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Many of our Partymob members are already beginning to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK. Read their thoughts below and see how God desires to astound each of us with wonder upon wonder:

“I feel so much like the muggles in Harry Potter, the adults in Peter Pan, the villagers in Beauty and the Beast. There is something I am missing, just beyond my grasp. I am praying for Pixie Dust, and the heart to embrace it.” –Abby Norman | Read the full article, here.

“Just finished the first 50 pages or so and it’s like “You had me at hello…”! Wow, I’m awestruck by the words and His loveliness in revealing Himself to you in such a way so you could share it with the rest of the world. I’m now starting each day asking for pixie dust & a heart that seeks with expectant hope that He will reveal Himself.” –Ian Acheson

I am deliberately going slowly through the words, taking in all that she shares about the wonders of God.  I am totally excited that I will be downloading the whole book on Christmas morn, or after or eve onto my Nook.  I cannot think of any other book I would rather have with me on my trip to Israel.” –Nancy Monarch | Read the full article, here.

This book describes my trip of wonders, and my desire to revel in the wonder of my God. I am in awe and my heart can only bow on its face in adoration.” –Laura Bennet | Read the full article, here.

“I want to grow in my knowledge of God, my practice of His truth AND I want to grow in my amazement and wonder of him.  That’s why I am really excited about Margaret Feinberg’s new book Wonderstruck!” –Matt Snellings | Read the full article, here.

“Wonderstruck challenges us to look for and experience the wonder of all that God is doing today. Don’t you want to feel God’s fiery love and experience his intense holiness? The wonders of God surround all of us. Let’s pray for wonder today and then expectantly wait for God to show up.” –Holly Barrett | Read the full article, here.

I pray I never lose my sense of wonder in my pursuit to know Him more. That’s why as I embark on this journey through Margaret Feinberg’s, Wonderstruck, I’m joining her and praying for wonder.  I hope you will too.” –Roye Glass | Read the full article, here.

“Margaret Feinberg, in her upcoming book WONDERSTRUCK, describes a time when God asked her to pare back her prayers. Instead of filling up spaces of time him-hawing and editing to exact the right phrase or with lengthy expressions of everything without saying anything, she spoke simply. I can release my desire for lingering conversation today and enter into the consummation of the moments before me, full and rich and meaningful. I’ll call out to God with a single word for the impact of my work on this generation. And I’ll let their essence linger in the silence. God be near.” –Robin Stanley | Read the full article, here.

Check out these Pinterest Pins our Partymob members have created using quotes from Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God:

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