A Wonder-Filled Christmas Day

Jesus is described as the Word, the Image, the expression, the exegesis of God.

Through Christ’s arrival, life, death and resurrection, we’re grounded in the truth that God isn’t distant or forgetful, but close by and faithful.

Yet that truth is so easy to forget in the midst of hustle and bustle, in the midst of pressing deadlines, in the midst of bills past due, in the midst of kiddos who need another snack, in the midst of working for a stressed out boss, in the midst of uncertainty, in the midst of life unraveling in an unexpected way.

Three hundred and sixty four days a year we’re tempted to forget, lured into believing that God is far off, unengaged, or somehow forgotten us.

But Christmas Day heralds the truth of Immanuel: God is with us. [Tweet this]

God sends Jesus to remind us that He hasn’t left our side. He’s with us in the thick of daily life. Immanuel doesn’t just sympathize with our challenges, but emphasizes. Instead of whispering messages from the heavens, Jesus dives into the muck and mire of the world. He heals, thirsts, stoops, protects, provides, teaches, holds, weeps, feels, hurts, hungers, suffers, raises.  

Christ’s birth is a holy exclamation point that God is with us in a real and tangible way. [Tweet this] And that reality begins awakening the wonder inside of us.

A Wonder-Filled Christmas Day

The wonder of God’s infinite love.

The wonder of God’s intimate involvement.

The wonder of God’s relentless pursuit.

The wonder of God’s generous forgiveness.

The wonder of God’s breathtaking beauty.

The wonder of God’s awesome goodness.

This Christmas Day invite God, whose name is Wonderful, to astound you with wonder upon wonder. Through prayer, press your fingertips to the vault of heaven in anticipation that God will reveal Himself to you  and prepare to live wonderstruck. 


In what ways have you already seen God’s astounding wonder this Christmas season?

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