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A wildfire erupted near our home.

A vehicle’s sparks caused flames to scramble up the mountainside.

Less than three hours later, a close neighborhood was evacuated. Then the neighborhood across from us.

We wondered if we would be next.

Friends called frantically and asked: if they couldn’t make it back to their house in time, could we rescue their dog?

Of course (side note: the dog is besties with our forever pup, Zoom)!

We offered them a place to stay. They arrived wide-eyed and worried, car stuffed to the brim with everything they could grab. We hunkered down watching the latest updates–not knowing if we’d all need to evacuate our neighborhood next.

The buzz of helicopters and planes dumping water and chemicals could be heard dawn until dusk, and sometimes later. Brave firefighters marched into the woods filled with hot embers.

Then, three days later, a miraculous pouring of rain extinguished the fire.

We experienced a wondrous grace that we didn’t deserve and abounded with gratitude. For this fire, no structures were lost.

Our friends returned home with joy. Upon emptying their vehicles, one asked with levity, “Why did we pack so much stuff?”

We giggled.

I share this because during those days the healing that I’ve been pursuing (and shared in previous emails) paused. The new stress and anxiety from the wildfires (and all their uncertainty) triggered previous trauma, and I once again fell into a survival mode and reptilian thinking.

Maybe you’ve fallen into survival mode, too.

Sometimes our desire to experience healing takes a pause for all that we’re seeing and experiencing in our lives. I’m grateful all the homes near us were spared, but with tens of thousands of wildfires throughout the west, so many people have lost everything.

You might be one of them. And I am so sorry.

The level of trauma in our lives, culture, and world is breathtaking right now.

If you can’t catch your breath for a moment or two, it’s okay. I find myself breathless, too.

I’ve shared before that healing comes in waves.

Unlike the crashing circumstances of life, healing comes from the One who…

walks on water,

parts the Red Sea,

promises springs of living water,

brings healing to you and me.

Rest assured, my friend, that no matter what is happening on the outside, Jesus is bringing healing inside to you and me.

Much love,


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