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Valentine’s Day can provide incredible opportunities to spread joy and love to those you know regardless of their relational status.

Here are 7 ways to make your single friends feel extra appreciation and support.

1. Celebrate with words of affirmation.

Married couples (hopefully) have someone who tells them they’re doing a fabulous job, praying for them, reminding them of their awesomeness, and hugging them. Those who are single don’t always have built-in cheerleaders or those who speak their love languages. Look for every opportunity to speak words of affirmation and encouragement. Give a big bear hug.

2. Gush with gratitude.

Reach out to your single friends by reminding them how much they are loved. Send a text. Make that phone call. Send the email. Better yet, send them a card through old-fashioned snail mail. Your intentionality and kind words go a long way.

3. Skip the hurtful.

Couples often fall into believing they have more of life, God, spiritual depth, challenges, or fill-in-the-blank because of their relational status.

This slips in through unintentionally hurtful comments such as:

“You can’t really understand unconditional love until you have a child.”
“I wish I had all your free time. Just wait until you get married and have kids.”
“You think your life’s hard, you should love every minute of it.”
“You can do this, because you don’t have anyone to run home to, right?”
“When you get married, then fill-in-the-blank.”

These statements often make singles feel lesser than. No bueno.

4. Host a Galentine’s Day (a la Parks and Rec).

Remember that the church world is often shaped for married people, preferably those with kids. All too often around Valentine’s Day, churches hold events or provide childcare for married couples.

Consider opening your home to those who aren’t in a relationship for a gathering. Invite your single friends—with an open invite to their friends—over for family dinner or hike or brunch or game night or a cook along party or Belgian chocolate fondue. Reach out to those who have lost a spouse, too. Celebrate the gift of friendship.

5. Spread extra love to single moms.

Invite a single mom and her kiddos over for a meal. Surprise her with flowers. Lavish her with love. Buy treats for the kids.

6. Surprise with a basket o’ love.

Order a box of gourmet chocolates, an exotic blend of coffee, a bunch of fresh flowers, or one of our Flourish boxes—filled with fun goodies. Surprise them with a sweet gift to remind them they are in your thoughts, your prayers, and they are madly loved.

7. Reach out early.

Remember that sometimes February 14 isn’t a day people look forward to enjoying. Get a jump ahead by celebrating single friends early–on February 12 or 13. Pick up a Flourish Box- Premium for one of your beloved friends, and remind them that they are loved, thought of, and prayed for. 

Let’s love big this Valentine’s Day.

Do you have ideas on how to love big? Please share below.

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