Over the last few years I’ve slowly been learning and relearning the power of rest, the gift of the Sabbath. In Wonderstruck, I confessed:

“Most days, I felt like I was running on a fuming treadmill on full incline. Exhausted and burned out, I was running with an empty gas tank and no energy. In embracing the wonder of rest, I’ve learned that freedom isn’t found in tossing the treadmill, but in finding a maintainable pace.” –from Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God

Over the last few years, I’ve been discovering and rediscovering the wonder of one of God’s most gracious and delicious gifts: rest.

Maybe, like me, you’ve allowed this gift to slip through your fingers like sand. Or maybe, like me, you’ve had rest ripped from your grasp because of the adversity you’re facing.

Whatever the cause, here are 3 things to remember if you’re feeling burned out or just flat tired:

1. Rest isn’t a tether. Rest isn’t something holding you back, but a resilient spring propelling you into the fullness of life God intends. Choosing rest will not rob you of life but fill you with more life. [Tweet this]

4 Things to Remember If You’re Feeling Burned Out or Just Flat Tired?

2. Rest is the great trust that God holds everything together. [Tweet this] Rest reminds us that God is in control and gives us the opportunity to hand back over the reigns of life. When we choose rest, we can crawl into bed knowing the world lounges safely in His hands.

4 Things to Remember If You’re Feeling Burned Out or Just Flat Tired?

3. Rest is a doorway to freedom. When we choose to enter God’s rest, we aren’t bound by legalistic rules or regulations but a renewed freedom. The invitation to enter into Sabbath can’t be reduced to what’s done or left undone, but is discovered in breathing in the goodness of God. [Tweet this]

4 Things to Remember If You’re Feeling Burned Out or Just Flat Tired?

This week, carve out time to rest. Partake in something that is life giving for you—that may be taking a cat nap, hiking through a local park, drawing or painting, or reading your Bible. No matter how you choose to celebrate Sabbath, lay hold of the wonder of rest and watch as joy overflows and energy bubbles over.

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How do you celebrate Sabbath each week? How have you seen life become more manageable when you embrace the wonder of rest?

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