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 4 Secrets to Finding Joy Today

Throughout this battle, I am choosing to fight with joy. To lay hold of happiness in every situation. To choose to laugh despite circumstances. To pursue gladness with every breath.

I’m taking on this Goliath battle, not with a handful of stones, but a balloon of joy. In the midst of the darkness, we will laugh and play and celebrate.

Will you join me?

No matter what you’re experiencing, what circumstances you’re going through, you can lay hold of joy beginning right now.

Here are 4 secrets to find joy TODAY:

  1. Be Thankful. Whisper words of gratitude to God today. [Tweet this] Spend at least ten minutes sharing what you are grateful for—from the clothes your wearing to the intricate structure of the tree outside. Notice how gratitude shifts your focus and reminds you how many gifts you’ve been blessed with. Share what you’re thankful for on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram using hashtag #1000gifts and #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK.
  2. Choose to Forgive. Do you have any relationships that need reconciling? Lay hold of forgiveness and choose to let it go today. Make a phone call, schedule a time to grab coffee, and extend grace. Choose forgiveness and find freedom from anger, bitterness, and resentment. The result is joy upon joy! [Tweet this]
  3. Serve others. Go out of your way to show an act of kindness to someone else today. Start up a conversation with a stranger. Bring dinner to a friend’s house. Drop off your BFFs favorite Starbucks drink. Pay for the car behind you in the drive-thru. Serving others invites joy to well up inside of you, and extends the invitation to others, too! [Tweet this]
  4. Open Your Eyes to Wonder. Set your alarm to watch the sunrise or sunset. Spend time on your floor just playing with your child. Cuddle with your spouse or pet. Step outside and drink in God’s beauty. 

4 Secrets to Finding Joy Today

Scrunch your face against the vault of heaven in holy expectation that God will meet you in beautiful and mysterious ways. Look for God to reveal himself in creation, friendships, prayer, and more. Be reminded that God desires to captivate you with himself each and every day, filling you with unending joy. [Tweet this]

What is your secret to finding joy?

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