21 Days of Wonder TIME

Reflect on the wondrous gift of time.

Pull out a calendar or day planner and spend fifteen minutes considering all that’s on your schedule for the upcoming two weeks. Consider marking the activities that fill up your time, versus those that fill you with life and provide opportunities to awaken you to God’s wonder that is all around.

Prayerfully consider what changes—including cuts and additions—you need to make to your schedule to awaken to the wonder of rest and a healthy rhythm in your daily life. Make sure you have time built into each day to worship for the remaining days of the challenge.

Wonder Challenge:

Post, tweet, pin, or proclaim two things you’re going to say “No” to in order to say “Yes” to more of God. Include #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK so we can find you!

Example: God, help me to say “no” to over committing and people-pleasing so I can say “yes” to you. I want to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK

Tomorrow: HOPE

And, if you haven’t ordered your copy of Wonderstruck yet, it’s not too late! Here’s the link: http://mar.cta.gs/04w


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