21 Days of Wonder MEANING

Though we are given names before or shortly after we emerge from the womb, our names are often reflections of who God has created us to be or the work God wants to do in our lives. [Tweet this]Do you know the meaning of your name? [Tweet this] If not, take a moment to search for the meaning of your name online. Then spend ten minutes prayerfully reflecting on how God has demonstrated his love and goodness in the meaning of your name as well as who he has called and created you to be. Take time to reflect on the wonder of God’s plan and provision for you.

Wonder Challenge: Share with everyone what your name means or the story behind your name! Post, tweet, pin or blog and make sure to include the hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK.

Tomorrow: LISTEN

Yes! For everyone who’s been asking, there is a Wonderstruck workbook. Here’s the link: http://mar.cta.gs/05l


It’s not too late to join the fun! Join us during the 21 Days of Wonder Challenge and awaken to the wonders of God all around. Learn more, here.

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