What is Rob Bell up to next?

I just watched the new promo for Rob Bell‘s next book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God, which releases on March 12.

While viewing, I had the following thoughts:
Hey, Velvet Elvis.

Cool Guitar.

How come the stack of books doesn’t fall?

You’re rambling.

That’s a lot of 3X5 cards.

Boombox. Snail. Volume. Further. Closer. What?

Dude, you gotta start wearing more sunscreen.

Is that Southern California influence I hear in your voice?

Again, how are those books not falling?

Wow. I’ve never seen a book trailer say so little. Why and what is this book?

That was profoundly non-memorably memorable.

No doubt Rob’s next book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God, will stir all kinds of controversy, spark meaningful and meaningless discussion, and bring out the internet snipers en masse.

But in the meantime, what came to your mind while watching this promotional trailer?

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