Learning to Pause: How to Cultivate A More Enjoyable Life

Margaret —  January 21, 2014 — 13 Comments

How to Slow Down Today

Last Friday, I hopped in my car and buzzed down our street off to run errands.

My mind flooded with what I needed to get done that day, the grocery list, and a full inbox waiting for me on my computer. I was feeling overwhelmed by all the to-dos I had to check off.

As I was driving, a brown, furry friend sauntered in the middle of the street.

I brought my car to a stop in front of Mr. Deer, but my frustration fumed. He was moving so slowly. He refused to get out of my way. I honked and inched forward, begging the little guy to move his tail. Didn’t he know I was in a hurry?

He looked up at me, frozen directly in front of my car. And as if on cue, a dozen of Mr. Deer’s friends plodded their way in the middle of the street. Right. In front. Of me.

Just as my impatience boiled up, I heard a familiar God-whisper:

Slow down.

Notice the beauty all around you.

Celebrate my gifts to you today.

Drink in the wonder.

How to Slow Down Today


My impatience and frustration quickly melted as I made the decision to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK. To see and savor the wonder of God all around—even in the mundane. [Tweet this] Mr. Deer wasn’t an adversary anymore, but a gift to be remembered.  A reminder to slow down and rest in the wonder of God.

How to Slow Down Today

Slowing down didn’t mean I got less done that day, but instead of focusing my attention on my checklist and endless errands, I set my eyes on the wonder of God all around. The cloud formations. Hershey’s sweet cuddles. The gift of friendship. Instead of finding myself stressed and overwhelmed, the more I looked for God’s wonder, the more peace reigned in my heart.

Today, join me as we slow life’s pace. As you run errands, check chores off your to-do list, or empty your inbox, will you look for God to meet you? [Tweet this] Will you choose to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK by the gifts of God all around?

OH! Can I offer a free gift to help you see and savor the wonder every day?

Join us for the 14 days of wonder. Subscribe to MargaretFeinberg.com, by clicking here. You’ll receive a link to access a PDF download of the Fourteen Days of Wonder Devotional and Journal. You can begin the adventure as soon as you receive the devotional.


I’d love to know one of your #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK moments. Share in the comments below.

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13 responses to Learning to Pause: How to Cultivate A More Enjoyable Life

  1. Good Morning Margaret!!! As I read this post, I am reminded of God’s love for us. His timing for the events in our lives is perfect, even when we don’t understand why.

    Thank you for sharing your Wonderstruck moment!!!

    Many blessings to you!

  2. I had an eerily similar experience just yesterday. My daughter and I were driving in the country and we saw a herd of deer in a field. At first, I wasn’t going to slow down, but I decided to turn the car around and go back to watch them. So glad that we did. We got to see all their downey white tails as they jumped a fence in perfect succession of one another…like it was synchronized. We also got to see one stand on its hind legs and buck at a dog barking from afar. So breathtakingly beautiful and glad I slowed down to see it.

    • Amazing. It makes me wonder how many times I miss the opportunity to savor the wonder of God throughout the day.

      Father, may we have the eyes to see and the sensitivity to pause throughout our day to notice your great works!

  3. Thank you so much for this post, Margaret. Words of encouragement in God’s perfect timing, as usual. Have a blessed week.

  4. I was wonder struck when I got the “cancer call” from the Dr. – looked out the window and noticed what seemed like the first time in a long time, just how GREEN everything was and shouted..” I want to LIVE!”

  5. What a great example of God making you lie down in green pastures so to speak, to get your attention. I have occasionally in my sermons illustrated the need to slow down by not saying a word for 15 or 30 seconds, then after what seems an eternity, asking “how often do you slow down that much during the day to listen for God?” Never is the most popular response. How desperately we need to slow down even for a moment.
    Love your writing, Margaret. Can’t wait to do another small group using your material.

    • Margaret, I blessedly met you briefly in Maine and your story reminds of a day thise spring…It was beautiful out and I had million trillion activities on my “to DO” list and on the highway coming from BOSTON and on NH highway, ALL cars stopped in front of me and I thought,” an accident” I will pray for those involved as I sit here and can’t move anyway” THEN as I was able to continue on the journey of-insane-too much -on- the-list type of day, I saw as I passed the spot that had been holding up highway traffic as I glanced with a smile to my left across the other direction of cars stopped…I see the little fannies of the Duck family waddling slowly across entering the woods near the highway…the smile spread across my face of the REAL “MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS” experience like the childhood book title…I know there were other grins of joy and realization of TIME STANDING STILL for other drivers as well…Praying for you and your ministry….Marla ( friend of Leila)

    • Wow– that sounds like a powerful practice, Mike. Thanks for sharing. Now to try it…

  6. This caused me to exhale. Which is always good. Because my lungs prefer for me to exhale instead of holding all of that in . . . Thanks Mr. Deer. By the way, my youngest daughter has a fascination with deer (although sometimes deer and moose are confused). I had to buy her a “deer” in Maine. 😉

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