If You’re Facing a Crisis, You’ll Understand Why This is So Important

Margaret —  June 2, 2014 — 39 Comments

If You’re Facing a Crisis, You’ll Understand Why This is So Important

You may be facing a situation in your life right now where you desperately need to hear from God.

An unexpected death in the family. A broken friendship. Infertility. Loneliness. Crippling debt.

God’s voice is more than an option. It is a lifeline.

God’s voice will breathe life and vibrancy into you. It will infuse you with hope. It will fill you with wisdom. It offers freedom from fear, anxiety, and worry.

God is ready to speak. But are you ready to listen?

Let’s change the posture of our lives so we can hear from God through prayer.

We’ve been counting down the days until the start of The Sacred Echo Online Summer Bible Study. And we are so.downright.excited to kick things off today. (Psst—it’s not too late to join us! Click here to learn how).

Each week, we're going to dive into a session of The Sacred Echo book and Bible Study.

This week:

  • Watch. Session .001: Echoes on the DVD (see below for extra special sneak peek).
  • Write. Respond to the first session of homework in the workbook.
  • Read. Chapters exposed, .001, & .002 in the book.
  • Interact. Share what ideas or phrases that catch your attention. What God is challenging or showing you through the material. How we can pray for you. And of course, you're welcome to send in quirky questions, too, since I'll be interacting with them throughout our time together. Leave your thoughts at MargaretFeinberg.com or on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using #SacredEcho.
  • Gather. Set a time to meet with your small group face-to-face, schedule a Skype date with your long-distance friends, and join the online community on Wednesday, June 4th at MargaretFeinberg.com.

As an extra special gift to you and a sneak peek to what we can look forward to in the weeks ahead, below, you’ll find Session .001: Echoes from The Sacred Echo DVDs:

(RSS Subscribers: Click here to watch Session .001 video).

To purchase the Summer Bible Study Special (which includes a copy of the book, workbook, and set of the DVDs), click here.

Okay—let’s get started!

What’s your hope and prayer for this Online Summer Bible Study?

Leave your requests as a comment below so we can be praying with and for you!

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39 responses to If You’re Facing a Crisis, You’ll Understand Why This is So Important

  1. My hope and prayer for this study is to make prayer part of me, everyday. I want prayer to become automatic. Thank you for this opportunity to study with you!

  2. Tara Lantieri June 2, 2014 at 5:34 am

    He has been echoing prayer to me for several years…more specifically persevering in prayer. I’m finally ready to listen. Lord may we all be attentive to your leading through this study, take us to the next level in our relationship with You. Keep us humble and honest and teachable. Amen

  3. I want my prayers to be more meaningful. To not feel so rote, to have depth. To feel more connected to God

  4. I led a group of women though the Sacred Echo a couple of years ago. It was powerful then. I am so looking forward to walking through it this summer as a participant. I am standing on the verge of big decisions for my future. Putting it in GOD’s loving hands and listening for the sacred voice.

  5. I tend to be rather head-strong. My hope is to become more prayer-strong – listening and responding to God every day.

  6. I just watched the first video and I’m so ready for this study. My first sacred echo that I heard today was my husband taking my 7 year old to work with him this afternoon unexpectedly and I had the house and back porch to myself! What a great first day of my Bible study! I hear Him saying to come away with him. Looking forward to being a part of this for the next few weeks!

  7. My hope and prayer is that I will meet God in every chapter and be awakened to a deeper, consistent conversation with Him. I do speak to the Lord off and on continually throughout my days, but I also want to be intentional about some focused time in His presence, where all else fades away and I am attentive to His whispers…so close I hear His gentle inhale and exhale and feel the brush of His breath. Praying for you Margaret as you give guidance and direction to those of us seeking more of Him.

  8. my prayer during this study is to really know what I am ‘hearing’ and to develop a sound, consistent prayer life

  9. Historically I have not been a big prayer warrior so I am looking forward to diving into this study. I so enjoyed Day 1! My prayer for this study, is that prayer would become less mysterious to me and more natural, like a conversation with a good friend. I was in the habit of journaling my prayers, which helped me be much more intentional but due to the busyness of life, I’ve gotten out of the habit and my prayer life has suffered. I love that prayer has everything to do with His love for us and our love for Him & others. One quote that particularly stuck out to me today is that “What you do here (my prayer journal) will live beyond yourself.”

  10. My prayer during this bible study is to really hear God, to be able to recognize
    That still small voice, the Echo.

  11. I am trying to get my husband to engage in this study with me. He grew up in a very traditional church and does not seem to feel comfortable praying out loud. I am hoping this study can be a bridge to help us talk more deeply with each other about our faith and thus strengthen our marriage.

  12. I was interested in the book when I read the description. My prayer life has suffered a lot I think to discouragement about getting answers (to be honest, answers I want in my time frame). I know in my head that everything happens in God’s timing but when it comes to the salvation of my children I want it to happen now. They are in their late 20’s – early 30’s and have all wandered away. I have been praying that they will come back to Jesus. I’m looking forward to this study and listening for the whispering echoes of what He is doing. My 1st echo was when you mentioned the study. I had bought the book 2 months before and it had been waiting patiently for me to read it. Thank you.

  13. Why is it so that I make everything difficult when it could be simple?
    That’s my prayer for this 1st time study. I have experienced Echos..
    Then I think how can this be?

    • You aren’t alone, Mae. May you lean in and feel the soft pinch of God’s presence throughout the weeks ahead.

      • Margaret, i just wrote the word:
        Lonely. Then I scrolled down to your reply. That’s a whisper or an echo for me thank you!!! Iv always
        been a woman of faith, it’s like I
        know things otherwise can’t see
        But I get in my own way. That has always left me alone way too much. That’s the crises I feel. And that’s the word you & I each mentioned this morning!!

        • So looking forward to the ways God is going to continue to move in and through you over the next several weeks, Mae.

  14. Melinda Lancaster June 5, 2014 at 12:22 am

    I’ve listened for the whisper but not thought about the echoes until reading the first few chapters. I really need this study. Thanks so much!

  15. I am currently in the middle of a situation that I need to hear God’s voice and direction in. My husband and I are both praying and waiting for God to speak. This Bible Study could not have come at a better time!! I have three children, a full ministry, and a life that can be full of distractions, so I look forward to a mindful & deliberate journey through prayer and focusing on listening for those sacred echoes. I yearn for increased discipline so that I can be most effective in all of the roles God has assigned to me!

    • Rachel- Lifting you up right now. May God reveal himself to you in ways that leave you wonderstruck. May you be filled with peace and joy that comes with being in the presence of God. Hug to you.

  16. Margaret / need to find & watch on line session 2. Where ??

  17. I didn’t find session 2. I am studyng the scriptures you posted. Zep 3:17
    is one of my fav verses. I have also heard I love you 3 times right I a row:
    I had walked until I became weary of
    my own compromised ways: I’m now rebuilding. He justifies me. He drew me to himself. I am steadfast in His Love. Age has no reflection – unless we seek and find. Pain teaches us and it is the glue that binds up the broken- hearted.. It matters
    that we need stitches to rebuild. For many years I put off the pain I felt thinking it wasn’t there, and if I numbed it by smiling anyway, one day it would be Ok. That’s a patch!  I’m well into my life years and I know sharing begins the strength we all need.  In(Courage) has become a cross-patch, an insight Where we can pretty well discuss where pain hurts.  I’m not sure why it used to be a closed book, why we were suppose to be strong on our own
    when it’s just not possible. Strength is from the Lord, he shared his life so we could come to Him, so healing could occur, so
    Insight was a real AH ha . Now I see.
    Age is not a factor we all are beautiful in his sight, just beginning life, or single, or an empty- nester, our experiences are real
    and it’s a revelation to share our heart.
    Im wanting a new home again, to begin again, and I clipped a picture of a big two story home  from a magazine and the caption was: Character Buliding.. It is well
    said, that character begins within, thank all of the women in In(Courage) who have courage to rebuild! And also your website, Msrgaret!! Love
    was the “Missing Link” I have found it!! I’m excited to continue this Summer Bible Study. I hope to get an IPad as I’m using my iPhone..


  18. My prayer is that I will be able to hear God’s voice better and trust that it is Him speaking.

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