Do everything with love….

Do everything without complaint….

Which do you find more difficult?

With love or without complaint?

I struggle with the everything.

In Overcomer: 4-Weeks in Philippians, we’ve discovered that the Apostle Paul loves that word everything.

“Do everything without complaining.” (Philippians 2:14)

“Bu-bu-bu-buttttttttt,” I protest.

Why does it feel so good to let it out to someone?

What if that feel-good moment comes at a cost?

What if the very thing that you think is making your relationships closer is tearing them apart?

That’s what I discovered in this week’s Facebook LIVE teaching in Philippians—a book that teaches us how to be overcomers in our relationships.

Modern science confirms what Paul—trapped in prison with a 1000 reasons to complain—teaches…

That complaint doesn’t make things better.


Studies reveal that aggressive expressions don’t reduce anger but rehearse anger. [1]  

Which makes me mad. Just kidding.

We tell ourselves that we’re just…

blowing off steam…

letting it out…

getting it off our chest…

But instead of finding release, the pressure rebuilds within us.

Now let me be clear: there’s always a place for healthy processing that’s solution-oriented.

But talk that doesn’t seek a solution or healing or understanding or clarity…

Soon becomes complaining—a type of rehashing that pulls us down rather than builds us (and others) up.

I reached out to Amanda Rose at the University of Missouri who studies relationships and ruminations.

She explained that friends who co-ruminate (or rehash problems excessively as complaint) with one another feel close to each other and consider their friendship as being of high quality.


When someone talks about problems, the friend tends to offer support and say kind things, which makes the person with the problem feel better.

“The problem is,” Amanda explained, “that these good feelings probably slip away once the friends stop talking about it. This very well may make the person with the problem want to talk about it with the friend again, to recapture those warm, supportive feelings.

In other words, complaining creates a cycle of complaint and leads to a sense of false intimacy.

One of the reasons we don’t realize how much we’re complaining is…

All we remember is the closeness we felt, not the words we said.

I’d never thought about it that way… but in reflecting on relationships from my past… the ones that came and went…

Many of them were built on the false intimacy of complaint.

When you look back on the relationships that have faded in your life… how many share that trait?

Perhaps that’s one reason the Apostle Paul encourages us to do everything without complaint.

Now there’s more reasons… and that’s what I explore in this week’s Facebook Live teaching.

You don’t want to miss it… and remember that it’s not too late to join us…

In Overcomer: 4 Weeks in the Book of Philippians, you’ll find the entire Book of Philippians divided into 20 readings. This provides 5 days of homework—or what I prefer to call playwork—per week plus devotions and discussion questions.

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July 8—Noon Eastern, Facebook LIVE

Your homework this week:

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Together, let’s find joy and delight in God’s Word as we learn to know the Overcomer and become overcomers.

Much love,