Write Brilliant

This past weekend I attended a special meeting with Leadership Network which serves churches throughout the United States and world. Through every message, especially one taught by Larry Osbourne, a theme emerged.

This one word is potent. It shapes our attitudes, our actions, our responses.

This one word is easy to forget, to overlook, to push to the attic of our hearts.

Yet this one word changes everything.

The word is hope.

Four letters. A single syllable. Yet this word will define your present and set you on your future course.

This is what you need when….

Life doesn’t turn out like you expect.

When the doctor speaks an unpronounceable diagnosis over you.

When your prodigal kids and grandkids refuse to come home.

When your employer announces yet another round of layoffs.

When you’re sandwiched between aging parents and caring for your children.

When your snappy answers don’t work anymore.

When you find yourself waffling between decisions.

If you think you’re alone in losing hope, take heart.

Jesus’ friends lost hope when they needed it most.

The disciples lost hope when they saw Jesus’ body turned to a pulp.

Mary lost hope when preparing the body.

Yet hope clings to a happy optimism in God.

No matter what the test results. No matter what the news headlines. No matter what may come later today or even tomorrow.

Hope asks you hold on no matter what knowing God is at the other end of the rope.

So my prayer for you today is Big Hope.

As my friend, Larry Osbourne, says, Hope doesn’t mean we like everything, it means we know who is in control and how it ends.

Spoiler alert: We win.

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