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While visiting a predominantly Buddhist village in Myanmar, two female missionaries were attacked by villagers. The women were slapped in the face, kicked and hit for preaching the gospel. Their phones were confiscated.

Soon the missionaries were brought to the police station where the police tried to force the local pastor and his wife to sign a document stating they would no longer bring missionaries into their village to preach the gospel.

The couple refused to sign the document which led to the villagers attacking the pastor’s home the next day.

I wish this was an isolated event. But this is taking place in far too many nations around the world.

1 in 12 Christians are severely persecuted for their faith.

We don’t hear these stories, because of restrictive governments, military control, and fear of speaking out.

But Open Doors is trying to change this.

Open Doors also collects research about persecuted Christians to ensure the world is aware of their plight. Each year, they release the World Watch List – a comprehensive report that draws attention to the top 50 countries in the world where it is most difficult to be a Christian.

And now, Open Doors is inviting you to hear and respond to these stories as well.

Today, Open Doors USA is releasing Pray for the Persecuted, a free app that will connect American Christians with persecuted believers around the world.

With this FREE App, you’ll receive notification each week about a prayer need from a persecuted Christian living out their faith in the world’s most difficult regions.

You’ll have the option to click “I prayed” to let persecuted Christians know you are standing with them in prayer, as well as the option to share the prayer request via social media to help share their stories.

Go here to download the App. Together, let’s pray for the persecuted Christians around the world.

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