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As I’ve been proofing Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God (from Worthy Publishing and Lifeway) and working on the accompanying Bible study, I’ve been wrestling with the issue of life-giving rest.

Sometime ago, someone asked me what activities made me feel the most rested and rejuvenated. I responded with a blank stare. I didn’t know. I worked for so long and for so hard I forgot what activities brought me joy-those that made me feel most alive. I know I’m not the only who has struggled in this area.

While grabbing lunch with my dear friend Leslie two weeks ago, she admitted she also struggled, not only to carve out the time, but even to remember the activities that rejuvenated her. With two kids, a demanding job, and an aging home that needs constant work, she and her husband find themselves crawling in bed exhausted most nights. Yet Leslie knows that give her best self to her husband, kids, and job, she needs to rediscover these life-giving activities and make time for them.

We all do.

When we make time for life-giving activities, we’re more sensitive to the nudges of the Holy Spirit and the grace God wants to pour in us and through us.

What are THREE activities that allow you to experience rest and rejuvenation in your soul?

When was the last time you engaged in those activities?

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