What Do You Love About Jesus?

My friend Jay once asked me an unforgettable question,

“What do you love about Jesus?”

I knew my answer right away. For those of you reading along with me in The Organic God, you’ll already know my answer.

The thing that I love about Jesus is his beauty.

I love the way he transforms people’s lives by exposing a deeper side of their being while revealing God’s great love for them. To me, that holds incredible beauty.

In Psalm 27:4, the Psalmist longs to gaze upon God’s incredible beauty. He requests to dwell in the Lord’s house forever to be in close proximity to God’s beauty. Throughout our lives, we are given glimpses of God’s beauty in so many forms. Apart from God-we could never know:

The beauty of God’s redemption at work in a person’s life.

The beauty of a deep friendship spanning the years.

The beauty of experiencing God’s unconditional love.

I recently received an email from a reader who commented on what he finds beautiful about Jesus. He wrote:

I love Jesus because He’s the real deal! He’s my hero. He’s everything I want to be and more. He loved me, a punk kid from L.A. – Lower Akron (Ohio) and welcomed me into His family.  He still loves my unworthy, rascal soul.

There just are not words to explain what He means to me, but you have approached it in your book…’big hearted, breathtakingly beautiful, amazingly wise, wildly infallible, outrageously generous, abundantly kind, and deeply mysterious.’  I, like you, am so very thankful I don’t completely understand Him….as I feel if I could, with my fallible mind, I couldn’t worship Him as my  Lord, Savior, and Creator.

When we don’t spend time with the beautiful God, we may become distracted by substitutions the world calls beautiful. But these glamorous replacements will never satisfy. God, in his beauty and love, invites us to taste something deeper. He knows whatever we fix our eyes on will set our standards. And our beautiful breathtaking God invites us to be captivated by him.

So let me ask you: What do you love about Jesus?


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