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Organic God Book and WorkbookEach week, we’re going to dive into a session of The Organic God Study. For those following along, you’ll want to watch the first session of the DVD this week, and respond to the first session of homework in the workbook. You’ll also want to read the first three chapters–.001, .002, and .003–of the book. Throughout the week we’ll be posting different thoughts and reflections on the topics we’re tackling.

We’d love for you to interact–here on the blog as well as on our Facebook page. You can even join us on Twitter. Share what ideas or phrases that catch your attention. What God is challenging or showing you through the material. How we can pray for you! And of course, you’re welcome to send in quirky questions, too, since I’ll be interacting with them throughout our time together.

One person has already asked: What exactly is that on the cover?

And that’s a great question, because honestly, I don’t know. But let me give you a little background. Several years before I ever went on this spiritual journey of wanting to know God for myself through the Scripture, I was taking a walk one morning, and a phrase popped into my creative imagination.

The Organic God.

I thought, Hmmm. I like it. I wrote it down on a scrap sheet of paper and several years later went on this journey of searching for God in the Scriptures. The publisher asked, “What should we call the book?” We went round and round, and then I said, “I have this little phrase I’ve been sitting on.” When I said it aloud, they liked it.

It’s funny. Some people thought I chose the phrase, because organic was becoming trendy. Or because I wanted to sound hipster. Or crunchy.

Nope. Just taking a walk one day with Jesus.

But then the question of cover design arose. I can show you some of the rejects if anyone is curious. I confess. I saved them. But we wanted something that obvious. Or green. The design team sorted through hundreds of images. And while attending a Catalyst conference, a member of the marketing team saw this image used as the backdrop of one of the promotional booths. “What do you think?” he asked. “I love it!”

So I imagine this image as blue ink dropped into a carafe of clear water. To me, it’s representative of the idea that when God infuses us with even a drop of Himself–it changes everything.

But I’d love to know what you think the image represents…

And I’d love to know your name and how myself and the team can be praying for you over the next six weeks.

We’re excited for what God is going to do as we pull aside and renew our love for Him.



Want to catch up on the online #SummerBibleStudy at It’s never too late to join! Feel free to stop by at any point to interact with the material and share your thoughts.

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