Tuesdays with Tozer

I love Tozer’s feistiness! I have to remind myself that he wrote this nearly half a century ago. Not much has changed–except for maybe what’s on the menu (lasagna instead of ham)!

If the bush had been burning in that way in our day, do you know what we would do? We would advertise a great Bible conference. We would spend tens of thousands of dollars promoting an international “retreat.” We would eat up all the ham and sweet potatoes in the area while we talked and gossiped. Then we would pass a resolution to build a fence around the area containing that miraculous desert bush.

Friend, our preservation and our security do not depend on bylaws and regulations. Our security lies in the presence of God in the midst of His people.

It takes the church a long time to learn some of these lessons. Centuries ago, a serious-minded monk named Simeon Stylites climbed to the top of a pillar 60 feet high and stayed there for 30 years. He said it was his way of trying to preserve his holiness.

My comment is this: If Simeon Stylites had read the third chapter of Exodus, he would have learned that when the fire of God dwells within a person, he does not have to climb 60 feet and be completely without elevator service to be in spiritual safety. …

Christian believers are called to be burning bushes. They are not necessarily called to be great, or to be promoters and organizers. But they are called to be people in whom the beautifying fire of God dwells, people who have met God in the purifying crisis of encounter.

A.W. Tozer (Men Who Met God, p. 75, 77)

I am challenged that our security lies in the presence God. Tozer’s words make me want to search for God all the more, to know Him.

Father, stir up the hunger to know you more. Amen.