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In the beginning…

God has been telling a love story since the foundation of the world. God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and abounding in imagination, creativity, mystery, and wisdom. And even when we question God’s love or act in disobedience, God pursues us.

That pursuit is made most clear in the Gospels, where we see God’s desire to redeem humanity through Jesus Christ.

In the beginning was the Word…

Have you ever noticed the connection between Genesis 1 and John 1?

Many scholars believe John 1 is a midrashic interpretation of Genesis 1. Midrash is a Jewish commentary of Scripture. Jewish scholars wrestled with the Torah, talking with one another over centuries through the art of midrash.

John’s addition of the logos prologue in John 1 serves many purposes, but one may be to wrestle with the idea of Jesus being the Word made flesh who existed from the very beginning.

The God who created with mere words now continues his pursuit of humanity with the Word.

The God who speaks… and stars dance across the night sky, furry creatures scurry around, and flowers bloom on their branches… is the same God who displays stunning portraits of salvation, redemption, and restoration through the Word made flesh—Jesus Christ.

Sometimes the Bible can feel so disconnected. Foreign stories. Ancient cultures. Distant worlds. I struggle to know how to connect.

You too?

That’s why I want you to join me on an adventure of faith as we explore the unflinching love and breathtaking beauty of our Creator.

Pursuing God Bible Study Margaret Feinberg

I’m thrilled to share a new combination of a beloved Bible study: Pursuing God: Encountering His Love and Beauty in the Bible. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • A 12-session DVD working you through the entire books of Genesis and John
  • A workbook with 12 sessions of interactive optional homework to be completed five nights per week

DVD sessions are between 15-20 minutes in length.

Whether you’ve read Genesis and John a hundred times before or this is your very first time, my hope is God’s love and beauty will take your breath away. This study is designed for individual and group study. Through 12 sessions and five nights of homework each week, you’ll learn how to:

  • Discover God’s passionate pursuit of you
  • Recognize and radiate the beauty of God on display in your life
  • Learn how to heal and restore broken relationships
  • Celebrate God’s work of redemption, restoration, and salvation all around
  • Discover the beautiful work God is doing in your life
  • Renew your love of Scripture by studying the entire Book of Genesis and John

Pursuing God: Encountering His Love and Beauty in the Bible creates a space for you to study Scripture in a way that primes your heart to hear from God through familiar stories in a fresh way.

Let’s not miss our moment to grow closer to Jesus!

Purchase Pursuing God for your small group or personal use today.


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