Want to do something super smart but fun and delightful this summer?

I’m a wee bit biased, but you’d be one smart cookie if you took time to grow closer to Jesus.

That’s why I’m counting down the days until we kick off this summer’s Bible study like a 5-year-old waiting for Christmas morning.

Have you seen Overcomer: A 4-Week Study in Philippians yet? Ooh la la.

On June 17 at Noon Eastern I’ll launch our time with the first week’s devotional and time for interaction through Facebook LIVE on the Margaret Feinberg Page.

You can order your copy of Overcomer here. Or grab the downloadable version and print your own here.

If you can’t make the Facebook LIVE, you can always watch the replay!

This is the first time I’ve ever hosted something like this LIVE for a series…

I’m a wee bit nervous and ask for your prayers and grace as we dive into this Bible adventure together.

Mark your calendar:

I’ll be sharing for four weeks in a row—for 10-20 minutes—on Saturdays at NOON Eastern.

June 17—Noon Eastern, Facebook LIVE

June 24—Noon Eastern, Facebook LIVE

July 1—Noon Eastern, Facebook LIVE

July 8—Noon Eastern, Facebook LIVE

Remember—even if you can’t jump on Facebook LIVE—you can still watch the replays anytime.

Each Monday during that time, I’ll post a blog with a link to the LIVE recording and additional notes, thoughts, aha! moments from the readings.

In Overcomer: A 4-Week Study in Philippians, you’ll find the entire Book of Philippians divided into 20 readings. This provides 5 days of homework—or what I prefer to call playwork—per week.

You’ll read a handful of verses. Use the Color Method to focus and find texture and hue within the text. You’ll enjoy a short devotional to read. Then the 7 discussion questions are designed for individual or group discussion and reflection.

You can start the homework after Saturday, June 17. Unless you’re like me and so excited you can’t help yourself.

If you’re a leader…

1) Share the replay of the free Facebook LIVE session on any computer and screen to your group.

2) Invite participants to bring colored pencils, markers, crayons, and paints.

3) Spend time reading the Scripture together. Interact with the text by circling verbs and names and phrases that pop.

4) Dive into the discussion questions.

Together, let’s find joy and delight in God’s Word as we learn to know the Overcomer and become overcomers.

Much love,