The suffering I experienced during treatment for cancer shattered me. The illusions I once clung to of youth and strength and vitality vanished as chemical toxins stripped me of the life I once knew. Pain lacked a throttle.

The equations of God plus life I once knew no longer added up.

Perhaps those words seem strange to you, particularly if you’ve never had life go away.

But if you’ve known marrow cutting pain or blood curdling suffering or bone breaking loss, if you limp among the fellowship of the afflicted, then you know that hollow platitudes like…

It can’t happen to me…

It will all work out…

If I just do this and this then that won’t happen…

If I just pray this and this then that won’t happen…

If I just believe this and this then that won’t happen…

All. Wash. Away.

It can happen. It does happen. And sometimes it happens to you…despite all you’ve done..all you’ve prayed…all you’ve believed.

Then what?

One morning, a missionary friend named Dave Terpstra, visited and spoke the following words of life:

A good Christology will carry you through.

What Dave meant is that a sturdy knowledge of the birth, life, ministry, miracles, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ will sustain you.

When I was stripped away, I still had Jesus, and in Him, I had more.

In Week 2 of Overcomer: 4 Weeks in the Book of Philippians, Paul sits in prison stripped of illusions and the life he once knew.

Paul tells us what he still knows, it’s good Christology.

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As you watch and listen, remember that when life goes awry…

When you don’t understand your suffering, you can find comfort in Christ’s suffering.

When you are crushed by pain, you can find respite in Christ’s pain.

When you sink in despair, you can discover strength in Christ’s company.

When you awaken to darkness, you can rest assured Christ knows his way around the dark.

With a good Christology, you will overcome.

It’s not too late to join us…

In Overcomer: 4 Weeks in the Book of Philippians , you’ll find the entire Book of Philippians divided into 20 readings. This provides 5 days of homework—or what I prefer to call playwork—per week.

You’ll read a handful of verses. Use the Color Method to focus and find texture and hue within the text. You’ll enjoy a short devotional to read. Then 7 discussion questions designed for individual or group discussion and reflection.

You can order your copy of Overcomer, here. Or grab the downloadable version and print your own, here.

I’ll be sharing for four weeks in a row—for 10-20 minutes—on Saturdays at NOON Eastern.

Week One: Click Here for Blog. Click here for Facebook Live recording.

Week Two: Click here for Facebook Live recording.

July 1—Noon Eastern, Facebook LIVE

July 8—Noon Eastern, Facebook LIVE

Your homework this week:

  1. Watch the Facebook live teaching here.
  2. Complete playwork from Day 6-10 of Overcomer including devotional, discussion questions, and coloring the Scripture for rich insights.
  3. Invite someone to join you in the Overcomer study.
  4. Enjoy a sunrise, sunset, or walk under the stars and celebrate summer with someone.

Together, let’s find joy and delight in God’s Word as we learn to know the Overcomer and become overcomer’s.

Much love,