That hand lettering that fills my home with whimsy, wondrous sayings…

I never thought I could create one. 

That’s for the real artists, those with real talent, those with gobs of real time, I told myself.

My sweet friend, Jessica, inspired me, “You can do this too! I’ll help you.”

Now I’ve worked with Jessica for the last decade as she managed my creative whirlwind with clarity and gusto. As a successful womanpreneur, she launched Jessica Taylor Design. Her stunning hand lettering images including, “Not Today Satan,” “Girl Boss,” “I’d walk across Legos for you” hang throughout our home.

I never dreamed I could make images like hers to enjoy or give to others.

Yet Jessica made it easy for me to learn. She told me the exact supplies to order online. Then she taught me letter by letter how to use a brush pen.

I discovered that with the right coaching and practice anyone can learn to hand letter.

This simple artistic expression reminded me of the importance of words—especially God’s words. Fusing hand lettering with Scripture opened a new pathway to read, reflect, and memorize the Bible.

Now I can’t keep this amazing gift to myself. I want to share Jessica’s amazing teaching and training with you. That’s why we’re printing a limited quantity of Hand Lettering God’s Love: Learn the Craft of Brush Lettering through the Beauty of the Bible.

We believe creativity is a gift of God—since He’s the ultimate Creator. With every brushstroke with from the beginning of time, God has been writing His love letter to us and through us.

That’s why we’re inviting you to learn hand lettering and rediscover how you’re created to experience the love of God and extend the love of God. After all, this is who you are and this is who you are called to be.

Together, let’s uncap our creativity as we grow closer to Jesus.

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Let’s learn to hand letter God’s love together.

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