Wahoo! So thrilled you’re joining us for week one of Overcomer. Watch the Facebook Live teaching by clicking here. (You’ll need to be sure you “like” my Facebook page to receive access and future notifications). Now let’s dive in to week 1:

We tend to have books we prefer to read—whether snuggling down with a great biography, savoring a collection of poetry, or enjoying a mind-bending mystery novel.

But have you ever considered that what you read affects how you read?

A stellar whodunit makes you flip the pages faster with every cliffhanger moment, while a rich, layered poem slows your pace, inviting you to reread and reflect with each passing line.

If you’re sitting down to light summer fiction, you might be carried away in the story—even choosing to read it in an afternoon or few days.

But if you’re about to crack open a 700-plus-page biography, you can expect the book to be neither short nor light. You’re committing to dive deep into a person’s life and topic, pay attention to crucial details, and learn with each passing page.

What you read affects how you read.

In the same way, understanding the different genres or writing styles of the Bible enables us to receive more out of the Scriptures every time we read them.

The Bible is literature.

When we know something about the background, purpose, and writing style, we can learn to appreciate God’s message more.

Books of the Bible that may have appeared hard to read or disconnected from our modern world come alive with vibrancy.

Along the way, we begin to lay ahold of depth and delight in God’s Living Word—not just as ancient writings, but as a book that’s more relevant, alive, and active in our daily lives than we ever imagined.

As we dive into Overcomer: 4-weeks in the Book of Philippians during our summer Bible study that kicked off Saturday, June 17, we need to remember this is a letter.

We don’t have any indication that when Paul penned his words that he ever thought it was going to be published…

let alone become holy Scripture.

That’s a gift if we’ll lean in.

Because it gives us this beautiful insight between the writer and the reader.

As we explore Philippians we’re going to see that relationship, the tenderness, the affection Paul has for these people again and again. And that tenderness will draw us closer to Christ and each other as we learn to be overcomers.

It’s not too late to join us…

In Overcomer: 4 Weeks in the Book of Philippians, you’ll find the entire Book of Philippians divided into 20 readings. This provides 5 days of homework—or what I prefer to call playwork—per week.

You’ll read a handful of verses. Use the Color Method to focus and find texture and hue within the text. You’ll enjoy a short devotional to read. Then 7 discussion questions designed for individual or group discussion and reflection.

You can order your copy of Overcomer here.

I’ll be sharing for four weeks in a row—for 10-20 minutes—on Saturdays at NOON Eastern.

June 17—Noon Eastern, Facebook LIVE | CLICK HERE TO WATCH RECORDING

June 24—Noon Eastern, Facebook LIVE

July 1—Noon Eastern, Facebook LIVE

July 8—Noon Eastern, Facebook LIVE

Your homework this week:

  1. Watch the Facebook live teaching, here.
  2. Complete playwork from Day 1-5 of Overcomer including devotional, discussion questions, and coloring the Scripture for rich insights.
  3. Invite someone to join you in the Overcomer study.
  4. Enjoy a scoop of ice cream, sorbet, or frozen fruit and celebrate summer with someone.

Together, let’s find joy and delight in God’s Word as we learn to know the Overcomer and become overcomers.

Much love,