Have you ever struggled to study the Bible? I do.

My eyes glaze over. My mind wanders. My heart disconnects.

If you’ve ever read the Bible and wondered nine minutes later, “What did I just read?”

You. Are. Not. Alone.

I want to show you a method through a silly video that I’ve been using that’s helped the Bible come alive for me again.

The Color Method involves using colored pens, pencils, markers, or crayons to identify key words. I circle verbs in red, places in brown, people in purple, numbers in orange then this amazingness happens:

If you use The Color Method to study Philippians with me this summer, you’ll notice details you may have never noticed before:

The word joy is used often throughout Philippians, but did you know that God, Lord, Christ, and Jesus appear more frequently throughout this ancient letter? By noting these words, you see the reason for Paul’s overflowing joy.

Or consider how often the word knowing appears in Philippians 1. Paul writes from prison, yet rather than recount how he feels he focuses on what he knows to be true through faith in Christ. What happens when you and I do the same?

Starting June 17, we’re using The Color Method to study Philippians using Overcomer: 4-Weeks in the Book of Philippians. This is a boutique printing exclusive available at margaretfeinbergstore.com. You can pre-order the workbook, here (ships June 5).

I’ll be popping on Facebook Live each week to explore Philippians. You can watch the replay at anytime.

Can’t wait for us to discover the Overcomer and become overcomers this summer.

Together, let's prepare our hearts for Christ's arrival as we stay on the lookout for wonder and joy all around. 

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