Weighing In On The Wonder of Friendships

Friendship is one of the most incredible gifts God gives us.

I’m reminded of that whenever I get to spend an afternoon hiking with a dear friend, sitting on the couch chatting for hours, or hanging out and laughing until tears run down my cheeks.

Good friends expose us to new ideas and experiences.

Good friends love us as we are and love us enough not to leave us there.

Good friends make life sweeter, richer, and more delightful.

This week I’m working on the lesson in the (tentative title) Wonderstruck: Recapturing the Joy, Awe, & Marvel That Comes With Being a Child of God Bible study on the wonder of friendships. I’d love for you to weigh in on the following questions (you can pick and choose, mix n’ match):

What do you love most about your closest friends? When was the last time you told them what you love about them?

What one Bible passage has shaped the way you understand friendships the most?

What have you learned the hard way about becoming a better friend to others?

Can’t wait to hear your stories, ideas, and thoughts!

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