Could Lack of Sleep Be Ruining Faith?

As I’ve been proofing Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God (from Worthy Publishing and Lifeway) book and working on the accompanying Bible study, I’ve found  myself welling up with tears and prayers that the Holy Spirit will well up in you as you read each chapter.

Years ago someone asked me, “What’s the biggest thing that causes you to sin?”

I thought about that question for awhile. I considered the temptation to overeat at a fancy buffet, the advertisement of that sexy shirtless guy, the juiciness of gossip, the enticement of breaking the rules, the pride that so easily creeps into our hearts, and much more. Temptation takes so many different forms. But as I reflected on the thing that causes me to sin the most, I only had one answer:

Lack of sleep.

That may sound silly at first glance, but when I don’t get enough sleep, I’m more likely to fall into the temptation before me. Any resolve to stay strong, pure, or courageous melts away, and I’m much more likely to take the bait of sin. Without enough rest, I become increasingly impatient and unloving, more susceptible to fear, and easily angered.

Are you more prone to give into temptations when you haven’t gotten enough rest?

With rest I’m in a better place to receive the grace of God to overcome these temptations. With enough sleep, I can more easily locate the way of escape from a sticky situation as described in 1 Corinthians 10:13.

I had to make some significant changes in my life including committing to quit work earlier even if projects remained undone, setting an earlier bedtime so I didn’t wake up exhausted, and learning to set apart time to simply be and enjoy this life God entrusts us with. What was amazing was that as I began making these small changes, my hunger to study the Scriptures increased, my sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit heightened, and I found myself filled with joy, awe, and gratitude.

What changes in your own life do you need to make in order experience the wonder of rest?


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