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An old aphorism states that “actions speak louder than words.”

But what’s the loudest part of your life?

Like me, you’d like to see others live what they believe not just talk about what they believe. Maybe like me, you’d like to see that in yourself.

That’s why I’m praying to become a person whose life exudes Christ. And I’m praying it for you, too.

Beginning Ash Wednesday (February 14th), I’m inviting you to join me in spending the 40 Days of Lent diving into the Gospel of Mark in Remarkable.

 What better way to zero in on Christ than to marinate on the actions of Christ?

The shortest of the four Gospel accounts, the Book of Mark focuses on the actions more than the teachings of Jesus. Mark wastes no time with introductory details of genealogy or theology but launches immediately into how Jesus lived.

From the tiny fishing villages around Galilee to the Temple in Jerusalem, we get to see Jesus’ love and power at work as he teaches challenging truths, heals hopelessly sick people, and performs phenomenal miracles. Everywhere Jesus went people were wonderstruck. He simply can’t be ignored.

Between his massive public following and his claims about being the Messiah, the religious and political officials have enough.

Eventually, Jesus’ actions lead to the Cross.

But Christ’s death was not his final act. It was actually the very thing that set the stage for proving his eternal power over sin and death!

So what speaks loudest in your life? Your words or your actions?

My hope and prayer is that you’ll not just talk about doing something for Lent, but that you will do it. That you’ll dive into Scripture. That you’ll draw close to Jesus. That you’ll be drawn toward repentance. That your heart experience new bandwidths of joy on Resurrection Day.

Come. Join me.

It’s not too late to grab a copy of Remarkable: 40 Days in the Gospel of Mark—complete with 40 devotionals.

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