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Our friend Joseph sits in a pretzel of a predicament.

I’ll get to that in a moment.

I’m filled with giggles and glee, because it’s here, it’s here. Christmas came early to our home because….

Celebrate Wonder & Joy: 25 Daily Devotions for Advent and Christmas is beautiful and back from the printer. Take a sneak peek and grab your copy, here.

But in the meantime, let’s get back to Joseph.

Our old friend Joe thinks he’s found the one but soon discovers she’s a cheat. His promised wife gets pregnant, ruins his reputation, and betrays his heart.

He was just a man, Matthew tell us, a righteous and good and kind man, yet wakes up to a scandal that will soon become the chatter of the town.

Joseph is caught up in a mess he didn’t make. Sooner or later, we’ll find ourselves there, too. Maybe not with all the dramatic drippings of a virgin birth, but with circumstances we’d never expect, never anticipate, never wanted.

Perhaps that’s one reason our friend Matthew pauses as he records Joseph’s predicament to tell us that all this mess took place to fulfill what the prophet had spoken. The name that Joseph will give his son means “God with us.”

Joseph whispers a sacred yes to God and takes Mary as his wife. Joseph owns the mess by legitimizing it with his own name. But until the child is born, Mary is more roommate than a wife, and that’s messy.

Maybe you feel caught in the middle of a mess in this season of your life. Family members fighting. Missing your loved ones. Sitting in another doctor’s office. Waiting for the case worker to call you back. Mourning a loss. Feeling forgotten. Staring at an empty crib.

God knows His way around your mess.

Remember that it’s in a mess that the Messiah is born—in the life of Joseph and in us. Invite Christ into your place of broken promises, your place of pain today.

No matter what kind of pretzel of a predicament, God knows the way through your mess.

This timeless encouragement is just a snapshot of what’s waiting for you in Celebrate Wonder & Joy: 25 Daily Devotions for Advent and Christmas.

The devotional contains delightful artwork to spark creativity, reflection questions for personal and small group use, 25 meaningful devotions, and instructions on how to use the color method as you dive into the Christmas story anew.

Friends, this is my first holiday devotional! What joy! As usual, we’ve done a short, limited print run. So if you want your copy, don’t wait until after Thanksgiving. (Though confession: I’m a last minute shopper, too).

As a special gift, if you order 10 or more copies of Celebrate Wonder & Joy: 25 Daily Devotions for Advent and Christmas, we’ll give you a free 8-pack of Jesus is the Best Gift Ever Christmas cards (retail $14.99).

I can’t wait to celebrate advent with you this year.

Much love,

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