Who is Fight Back With Joy Written For?

Fight Back With Joy is written for…. 

The one who wonders: Is this all there is? 

The one who asks: Is there something I’m missing?

The one who wrestles: Is there something more I can do? 


Fight Back With Joy is designed for…

The person who wakes up to an empty house or an empty nest

The person who feels helpless watching a loved one battle disease, darkness, depression

The person who struggles with the realization life didn’t turn out like they thought it would

Fight Back With Joy is penned for…

Those who are convinced there must be more to celebrate in life

Those who refuse to give up on the goodness of God despite their circumstances

Those who have learned the power that comes from white knuckling the promises of God


Fight Back With Joy is created for…

The person who knows someone struggling and doesn’t know what to say or do

The person who wonders how they can make a difference right where they are

The person who suspects God has more for them

Whatever battlefield you find yourself on—whether you’re fighting for yourself or someone else—Fight Back With Joy book and 6-Session Bible Study will equip you with the tools you need to discover that more than whimsy, joy is a weapon we use to fight life’s battles.

This is the book and Bible study you’ve been waiting for. Grab yours today.

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