On Wednesday, I made a big announcement about this summer’s Bible study. After prayer and reflection and outstanding feedback from you, I felt led to develop Overcomer: A 4-Week Study of Philippians.

Overcomer divides Philippians into 20 readings. Each one invites you to use The Color Method to study the Scripture alongside a devotional and 7 Reflection Questions for personal and small group study.

Our precious designer sent us the cover at 7:30pm on Tuesday night. Our team scrambled until midnight scheduling the announcement, posting sample pages, and loading the product into our store.

The announcement went out at 4am.

When I awoke at 6:52am, I knew something was wrong. We’d sold out of Beloved quick. Yet in the first three hours, not one person had placed one order for Overcomer.

That seemed like an odd silence to the big announcement.

We soon discovered that in that midnight hour, we failed to provide a buy button on the product page.

Complaints flooded into our live chat, inboxes, and blog comments.

I’m scurried to wake up my team for help.

That’s when one comment caught my attention.

“Why should I study Philippians from you when you can’t even spell it?”

Oh, dear, Jesus, what have we done?

And that’s when I saw it:

Yeppers. We put the Phill in Phillipians.

No. Words.

Now the beauty of this embarrassment is how quickly our team rallied. The designer sent over a corrected cover. Sorry Phill, you’re back to Phil.

Maegan, Jessica, Liz, and I worked hard to address everyone’s concerns. In less than two hours, all was resolved.

But I couldn’t miss the irony.

I released a study called Overcomer and the first hours were spent overcoming a huge mistake.

I suspect God chuckled as I embodied the message.

I don’t want to give away too much from the study; we’ll begin the Philippians party on June 17.

The message of overcoming is woven deep into this book of the Bible

Paul feels forgotten in prison. He pours his life and passion and knowledge of Christ into the lives of many, but now sits in eerie silence.

Word arrives at the church in Philippi of Paul’s precarious situation.

How did we not know? How did we not pay closer attention? How did we drop the ball on caring for the one who has cared for us?

The church doesn’t allow their oopsie of being unaware of Paul’s needs to set them back. Instead, they lunge forward with grace and peace. They send one of their own, Epaphroditus, to make the 40-plus day trek to visit the weary apostle and refresh his soul.

Sometimes we make mistakes because of what we do, or leave undone (like extra proofing).

Throughout Philippians, we’ll discover it’s not the mistakes you made but how you overcome.

Where in your life do you need to stop straining your neck to a past mistake and live wide-eyed to a hope-filled future?

Where in your life do you need to stop allowing your shortcomings to define you?

When it comes to overcoming where does God most want to refine you?

I hope you’ll join me on June 17 for Overcomer: A 4-Week Study in Philippians. I’ll be on Facebook Live each week to accompany the study.

And in case you were wondering, here’s what the revised cover looks like:

To pre-order, click here.

Okay, tell me I’m not alone. What is the best oopsie moment you had this week?