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Looking for a $4 stocking stuffer that fills the heart with hope? A gentle gift that reminds friends that they’re loved…

Here are 7 Ideas for Hopeful Holiday Gifts:

1. Looking for a simple gift idea for someone who cares for your kids at church?

Grab a $4 copy of Pocketful of Promises and each copy comes with a free mini-pack of colored pencils. If you add a bow, you have a sweet gift of hope for those who serve your kids. Click here to buy.

2. Looking to get ahead of the Christmas rush?

Advent is only 7 days away. Invite others to experience the Christmas miracle. Pick up one copy or a 10-pack of the Celebrate Wonder and Joy: 25 Daily Advent and Christmas Devotions before they’re gone, gone, gone.

3. Looking for a teacher gift?

What a better way to invest in them than thanking them for helping your child helping them flourish with the Flourish: 52 Week Devotional.

One customer shared this with us last year: “Flourish was the perfect way to share God’s love with the teachers investing in my daughters. We do not know where they stand spiritually, but it was a beautiful tool to thank them for helping our daughters “flourish” in school.” – Julie

You can even pair a copy of Flourish with these adorable matching Starbucks cups.

Flourish won’t just encourage your teachers during Christmas but for the New Year. Click here to buy.

4. Looking for something for the creatives in your life?

Check out Hand Lettering God’s Love: Drawing God’s Word into Your Heart through the Craft of Brush Lettering. Not only will those you love tap into their creative muscles, they will be filled to the brim with the love of God. Grab a copy here.

5. Are you always looking for ways to connect with family that does not live close.

Why not kick off a month of reading with cousins and family through one of the Women of Faith Studies like Finding Rest in a Busy World? Only $4 each. Or grab a bundle of all 3 studies for $12.

6. Maybe you are like me. You have people in your lives who need to poke holes in the darkness of their current situation.

Fight Back With Joy is written for them and you. A great gift to send encouragement their way. Click here to buy.

7. can be your one stop shop for Christmas cards, too.

Our “Jesus is The Best Gift Ever” boutique Christmas card is perfect to share with loved ones this season. Click here to buy.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping as you select the best gifts to remind those you love how thankful you are for their presence in your life.

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