The Wonder of Everyday Moments

I love the smell of fall, the scent of fresh brisk air mingling with fireplace remnants and the crunch of crispy leaves. I’m looking forward to the shift to soft colors and light as the seasons change. I find myself clinging to the last fading hues of red and orange before the descent into bleak winter months.

Fall brings in specialty foods such as pumpkin spice, gingerbread, and dark chocolate peppermint mochas. I wanted to be the first in line to try Starbucks’ salted caramel latte. Venti please.

Fall is also a time of reentry as everyone picks up their normal schedules. The bus stops are busy again as children with scarves flailing after them run home for an afternoon snack. Our workplaces are up and running, back from the summer hours.

We find ourselves participating in a new but familiar rhythm of everyday moments.

And although most of us don’t like the regularity of schedules, without the steady beat of a rhythm there is nothing to keep the time to which we can make music: the symphony of falling leaves and football games and that Starbucks caramel latte I’ll be sharing with a friend.

What everyday wonder moments help you make the best music?

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