God is with you. God is for you. God has not forgotten you.

Sometimes in the midst of difficult seasons, I forget. I lose any sense of God’s deep love. I lose sight of his abundant grace. And I let go of his promises.

Scripture reminds us that no matter what our situation, God is with us and for us. He promises to never leave us. He doesn’t misplace the blueprints for our lives or forget the whereabouts of our hope and future. 

This Good Father nestles extra close when the tears won’t stop falling.

This Good Father jimmies you free when you’re locked in despair.

The Good Father scoops you up when you’ve taken a great tumble.

His promises assure you of his unending presence.

But sometimes we just need to:

remember the promises of God.

reflect on the promises of God.

remind ourselves of the promises of God.

That’s why I’ve been hip-deep in the Scriptures, discovering anew God’s promises to his children.

Out of this season of reflection, Pocketful of Promises was born. This travel-sized adult coloring book and prayer journal shares powerful verses that will speak God’s promises directly to your soul.

Because sometimes… We just need to be reminded.

Gather your markers and twisty crayons, shove aside your troubles, and allow God to flood your heart with peace and hope.

Grab this portable, purse-sized coloring book– On sale this week for $5.

Scoop up a stack for your small group or end-of-the-year teacher gifts.

What is your most-loved Promises of God? The one that captures the breath in your throat as you remember you’re His beloved?

Together, let's prepare our hearts for Christ's arrival as we stay on the lookout for wonder and joy all around. 

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