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What To Do When You’ve Got An Achy Breaky Heart With God

No one gets out of life unscathed. This reminder arrived just yesterday in the news of a friend who discovered they’re in the fight of their life against a rare disease. The questions of why and what does the future hold penetrated our conversation. I’ve been praying...
What to Say When You Don’t Know What to Say

What to Say When You Don’t Know What to Say

Someone you know receives dreaded news. A diagnosis. A divorce. Unemployment. A major loss. You may feel ill prepared and unequipped to enter into someone’s crisis. You tell yourself you don’t know the person that well. You count up the months and years since you lost...

When Your Joy Runs Dry

Much of the teaching I’ve heard on joy over the years is oversimplified. I remember those days in Sunday school learning that JOY is spelled Jesus, Others, Yourself. While that made perfect sense when I was 9, I’ve seen how distorted that can become as an adult. I...

The One Thing You’ll Never Be Able to Buy Online

Almost everything and anything is available to us through the internet. Entertainment. Education. Knowledge awaits at our fingertips. One click and a product from across the world arrives at your doorstep. But one thing still remains that you can’t go bid on eBay or...
How To Find Your Phone Before You Lose It

How To Find Your Phone Before You Lose It

I’m notorious for losing my iPhone. I’ve left it in restaurants, jacket pockets, friend’s cars, parking lots, and more. Sometime ago I nicknamed by iPhone “Lassie,” because I always need him to come home. On a recent trip to L.A., Lassie went on his own adventure. I’m...

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