Are you a November 6th or November 7th Christian?As the date, yes, that date grows closer, I am finding the tone of the election continues to turn darker and more unsavory. One of the biggest issues with politicians turning nasty (on both sides) is that it gives permission for everyone else to do the same–our neighbors, our co-workers, our fellow church members. It brings out the worst in all of us.

Yes, the election is growing closer, but I can’t help but ask the question:

Are you a November 6th or a November 7th Christian?

Are you more concerned with who wins on November 6th or how you can be a part of rebuilding and healing our nation on November 7th and all the years to come?

I’m all for voting, please don’t get me wrong, but it’s going to take all of us–together–to turn our nation around.

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