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Scouting the Divine: An Unforgettable Visit with Lynne & Piaget

Some books are finished after the manuscript is delivered to the printer.

Others have just begun.

Scouting the Divine is adventure that in many ways is just beginning.

The people I describe in its pages are connected to us. We attended Joe’s (the farmer’s nephew) wedding in August. We spent time with Lynne (the shepherdess) while in Oregon this past week. In fact, Lynne and Tom even brought some of their shepherding community to hear me teach on Scouting the Divine at Living Hope Church. What a delight! I received a handmade wool sheep pin which I will treasure.

On Monday, we shared dinner and warm conversation catching up on all the years events. We visited the flock who were shy at first but became friendly when Lynne pulled out the grain bucket.

One of the most common questions I receive from readers of Scouting the Divine is: “What happened to Piaget?”

In the book, I recount the story of this very sick sheep who almost died. The Scouting the Divine 6-Week DVD BIble study includes more on the story of Piaget’s illness and the personal writings Lynne sent to her shepherding community during Piaget’s touch and go journey.

Monday night I got to see Piaget. Not only is she healthy, but her wool is beautiful! Lynne pulled out Piaget’s recent shearing and though the color of her wool changed through her illness, it’s full, thick, and gorgeous.

After reading Scouting the Divine, one of the members of the shepherding community reminded Lynne of detail about this little sheep that left me in wonder and awe of the whole journey I’ve been on over the last ten years.

“Do you remember Piaget’s mother’s name?” the friend asked.

Lynne thought for a moment, then smiled warmly.

Piaget’s mother’s name was Scout.

Maybe God is more intricately involved in our lives than we can ever imagine.

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