7 Ways to Nurture Your Desire for God

I’ve been reflecting on spiritual disciplines, practices, and activities that nurture my desire for God and make my love for God come alive.

Here are 7 ways to increase your spiritual hunger today:

1. Spend time in Scripture.

Something about spending time in God’s Word just makes me want to know more of the character, attributes, presence and power of God.

2. Carve out twenty minutes of unbroken silence.

I have a theory that for some people silence comes easier; for other people, stillness comes easier. If I try to sit still, I’m easily distracted. But silence comes more naturally. When I enter into a time of silence with God and allow my mind to be drawn to who he is, my desire for God grows.

3. Listen to stories of how God is at work in someone else’s life.

Stories of God moving, healing, revealing, providing, strengthening, speaking, and showing himself spark my faith and make me want more and more.

4. Fast.

Even fasting a single meal helps me center my thoughts and mind more on  my need for God.

5. Ask for the desire you don’t have.

Sometimes I don’t want God. I don’t have any longing, not even the faintest whim. That’s when I pray, “God, I want to want you.” What’s amazing is that God soon answers this prayer with another glimpse of himself.

6. Take a hike. (No, really!)

Being in creation draws my heart and mind to the creator. Nature is ablaze with reminders of God’s power, sovereignty, provision, goodness, tender care, and so much more. The more I experience expressions of God the more I want to experience him.

7. Be faithful in prayer.

I still keep a prayer list at the back of my Bible as a reminder of God’s faithfulness that I started years ago. Many of the prayers on the list are immeasurable (aka: praying for political leaders) or haven’t been answered in the way I’d hoped, but in others I see God’s power displayed. Such answered prayer makes me want to pray all the more-and increases my appetite for God.

How do you nurture your desire for God? What would you add to the list?