7 Fun (and Harmless) Pranks for April Fools

With April 1st right around the corner, you may want to start plotting your practical jokes.

Some of you have been setting aside color coordinated file folders for months, prepping for this very day. For others, you may try a practical joke or two if the idea suits you, but you don’t consider yourself extreme.

Whether you’re an old hat or new to the practical joking scene, here are seven fresh ideas to try out this April Fools (be sure to tell us how they went!):

1. The Eye Spy Prank.

Those with a crafty side and a little extra cash may enjoy this prank. Scour your local craft store, like Michaels, and buy googly eyes. Cover your victim’s workspace with the eyes-she will feel as though someone is watching her all day.

2. The Time Zone Prank.

Trick the whole household! Sneak into all bedrooms and set the clocks ahead one hour. To make your new time zone is believable; adjust all the clocks in the house. This will prevent suspicion. Once your victims realize what happened, take them out to breakfast and treat the early risers to a plate of pancakes.

3. The Rear End Rouse.

Use the restroom before attempting this prank. Spread a small dab of Bengay or Icy Hot onto the toilet seat, wiping most off so you can’t see that anything is there. You don’t need a lot in order for this prank to work. Your victim will be slightly confused about their tingling rear.

4. The Polish Prank.

Pick out an old bottle of fingernail polish you don’t mind sacrificing. Unscrew the top and spill the contents onto a piece of wax paper, letting the bottle and brush dry into the mess. After the polish is completely dry, peel the wax paper off and leave the hardened clump on an important document or a favorite piece of clothing. Indulge in your victim’s screams of hysteria.

5. The Textbook Trick.

If your victim has a computer, rearrange the letters on his keyboard to spell out “APRIL FOOLS”. You will need to borrow an extra “L” and “O” from a similar keyboard, so this prank works really well if you have a compatible keyboard and don’t mind giving up a couple letters for a day.

6. The Infestation Joke.

Take a gummy worm and carefully stick the candy inside an apple. You may need to carve out a hole using a knife or drill. Pack the apple as a part of someone’s sack lunch or leave the fruit on the counter as an inviting snack. Wait until your victim receives his surprise!

7. The Hands-Free Prank.

This is the easiest practical joke to do. Prime your friends and family in the days before April 1st by talking about all the pranks you are going to pull. Make them believe you are loaded with ideas. On April Fools, sit back, do nothing, and watch as your loved ones walk around in nervous anticipation, waiting for the pranks that will never arrive!

What harmless pranks are you most excited to pull this April Fools?

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