I’m neck deep in studying Philippians for the summer Bible study Overcomer: 4-Weeks in the Book of Philippians which begins June 17. (Click here for deets).

I’m still aghast at the backdrop for this epistle known as Philippians.

Paul pens words of love and spunk to the church in Philippi.

This is a man whose passion for God flipped upside down on the road to Damascus. Amid gravel and dust, God intersects a zealot whose sole intent is to destroy the ragamuffin crew who are followers of The Way.

God blinds Saul to open his eyes.

Sometimes God dose the same to you and I…but that’s a conversation another day.

Saul becomes Paul.

With each passing year, Paul becomes a church planter and leader in The Way.

Paul zigzags across sea and land to deliver stunning news of the Messiah.

Until we find him locked up, uncertain if he’ll ever taste freedom again.

The good news spreads from an unfortunate place. The words of a scribe, the heart-felt expressions of an apostle, soon fan out across the churches of the ancient world and throughout the centuries.

They breathe life, hope, and wisdom to us, here, today.

Through Philippians, Paul doesn’t just teach us what it means to finish well, he embodies the message.

No matter the circumstances. No matter the challenges. No matter the uncertainty.

You and I can be overcomers. To. The. Very. End.

Sir Francis Drake’s prayer reminds of the importance of finishing well when he says:

“It is not the beginning, but the continuing of the same, until it be thoroughly finished that yieldeth the true glory.”

The unfolding glory of your story resides in your past, your present, and your future.

Like the unfolding petals of a magnolia, you must not stop half way. Or three-quarters. If you do, you hinder the glory that’s still to come.

How do you finish well?

It begins today. This day. Asking for the grace and strength and courage and tenacity to allow the fullness of God’s story to be written in and through you.

Remember: The richest glory of your life awaits in finishing well.

After all, that’s what Jesus demonstrated when he said, “It is finished.”

Let’s pause right now and make this our #1 goal today.

Take a deep breath and pray, “God, help me finish well.”

If you’d like to join me this summer for the Overcomer: 4-Weeks in the Book of Philippians, I’d love to play and frolic in Scripture together.

Starting June 17, we’re using The Color Method to study Philippians using Overcomer: 4-Weeks in the Book of Philippians.

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